Fitting Python Into The Mix

In my job, we use almost no traditional compiled languages, like C or C++. The largest use of C is to write the Informix customized “runner” (newfglgo), which contains C code that can be called by Informix 4GL functions. We use a lot of Perl for financial transactions, and lots of bash/Bourne (sh) shell scripts. Up until now, we have had no call to introduce Python.

I am very enthusiastic about Python, but, at least for the moment, do not see the big value if I use it to write tools in place of sh/bash, C, or even Perl. I’ve re-written in Python an Excel-to-Pipe application, originally written in C. Both programs token-ize a line of text, separating out comma-delimited fields and repacking them as pipe delimited fields. In addition, quoted fields that might also contain commas are found and processed.

I wrote a simple application that inserts new fields into a fixed field length transfer file for our school system’s administrative system.

I am hoping to have an epiphany and find something that will truly showcase why Python is a popular language.


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