Once upon a time in radio…

If  you don’t like nostalgia, please feel free to ignore this post. It’s nostalgic and of no importance to anyone but me, well maybe almost no one but me.

This past week, I noticed someone for whom I’d interned (radio) had his own show, Hank Morse (twitter @HankMorse) at WTTK in Boston.


Hank occasionally listened to my “breaks” on Sunday mornings, and that meant a lot to me.

Then thinking about my brief time in radio brought up memories of being Dana Hersey’s, Kendall Buhl’s, and J.P. Lewis’ sidekick in 2000/2001 on WBOQ’s Daybreak, followed by a year of “running the board” and reading the news for The Paul Parent Garden Club, a distributed, live garden show on WBOQ.

… and that brought me back to Paul’s call screener at the time, JD Wells, who added a lot of good-natured banter to the show. The last I knew JD was in Dallas.

Even though JD was in Las Vegas and I was in Beverly (MA), he talked me through a lot of beginner’s cockpit-error problems.

Hank Morse remembers everyone, and is very upbeat. He makes traffic more interesting.

I don’t know what it all means, but it was a week of reflection, and it was good.


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