And with Fall approaching… New School Year

It has been an interesting summer. There has been a new element added to my life — project management — but something useful to know. In my old computer life, project management was left to others specifically focused on it. We do not have that luxury. Working with vendors is interesting. You are vulnerable, but also have a lot of freedom in decision making. It will be interesting to see how that goes.

We are looking at a substantial web project that would include on-line bill payments, and we are still waiting for the large AMR water project to get going. Details are being ironed out we are told. Hopefully, this will all start soon.

Finally, after nearly six months, we can install an application for the schools. Budget constraints held the installation up, because of our need to purchase the appropriate hardware. The hardware arrived; was installed; needs to be configured; and then the vendor can install the application. I am looking forward to that.

Finally, where I wanted to or not, I got a deep lesson in how to think in Python. If you are well versed in languages like C, C++, Visual Basic, Informix 4GL, PHP, and others, in my humble opinion thinking, let alone programming, in Python requires a brain shift. Mine is still shifting.

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