A Great Line From A Great Movie

I like David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia. I believe it is one of the greatest movies ever made.  David Lean was one of the last great spectacle directors, and I enjoyed all of Lean’s work.

In Lawrence of Arabia, Anthony Quinn played a character named Auda Abu Tayeh, a tribal leader of The Howeitat clan. There is more about Auda here.


In a scene where Auda is offering hospitality to Lawrence, Prince Fisal, and their followers is one of my favorite quotes in any movie.

It’s approximately at 3:20 into the trailer.



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2 responses to “A Great Line From A Great Movie

  1. Octopusgrabbus

    For me, one of the greatest scenes in the movie, is when Auda abu Tayeh provides hospitality to Lawrence, Prince Feisal, and their group. It’s the “river to my people” that just popped into my head, which is why
    I linked Shawn Powers (@shawnp0wers) to this topic.

    For those of us in IT, Shawn is a river to his people (followers).

    Thanks for commenting.

  2. I ~love~ Lawrence of Arabia–the first time I saw it was even in a movie theatre during a classic film fest. I didn’t think anyone under 60 liked it but me. 🙂 Nice to know I was wrong, though I am partial to Omar Sharif’s character over Anthony Quinn’s.

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