Welcome To The Automat

When I was a kid, I got to eat at a Horn & Hardart Automat restaurant in New York City. It was a pretty cool experience, shoving coins into slots and getting food in return. I was not old enough to appreciate good hot coffee, one of The Automat’s specialities.



At the time I experienced The Automat, the bloom was well off the rose. I did not know that, but. Horn and Hardart’s business was in decline, and the company was sold in 1991. However, the concept was still pretty cool, at least to a kid, at least to me.

Here we are in the present, and after a couple of weeks of dealing with vendors and support organizations, I realize life has become self-serve, kind of like the Automat. But we are not in the original Automat with its grandeur, but the pale version I experienced as a kid.

You might think my analogy is going to go something like you put in coins and get bad pie and cold coffee. I wish.

It is more like you put in coins; push good pie and hot coffee in the opposite direction, so the knuckleheads on the other side of the wall can be convinced to do their job and slide bad pie and cold coffee back to you. You feel like you were better off not putting any coins in at all.


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