Come Back, Gary Larson, Come Back

I was moved to write this entry, because of the story of how Gary Larson wound up illustrating a CD cover for Herb Ellis’ “Doggin’ Around” album.

In my opinion, Gary Larson is one of the finest Science Fantasy contributors of all time. Why science fantasy? Just look at some of his cartoons. We can only imagine a monster turning away, because it was not tall enough to attach a city, your refrigerator’s condiments trying to hold an evening dance, or television-watching moose answering the call of the wild.

Gary Larson’s cartoons have had an impact on a lot of people, and they are still funny today. That work has also worked its way into popular culture. I’ve heard his cartoon titles quoted, when something in real life starts to approach his art, like checking to see if the potato salad brought to a party is okay for consumption.

On our refrigerator is a copy of a one cartoon, The real reason dinosaurs became extinct that shows dinosaurs sneaking a smoke behind some rocks. One of my favorites is When potato salad goes bad, which shows a bowl of spoiled potato salad holding up a bottle of ketchup and pickles with a gun. Often times real life seems that crazy.

That’ is why I believe, we need Gary Larson to come back, and if Gary doesn’t want to come back, maybe he would be willing to anoint an apprentice to follow in his footsteps. Come back Gary Larson, Come Back!

At Gary Larson’s request, I am not publishing his cartoons along with my text.

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