A Short Dirt Story

Sometimes, spreading dirt around town can be a good thing. For example, last spring we prepared our side street for the annual ritual of the sweeping of the streets. With tight municipal budgits, this does not happen often. We swept all the dirt at the side of street towards the middle, and the dirt on the corner of our main street to the side street. The town does not yet own the main street, and hence has no jurisdiction to sweep the main street.

At the conclusion of the ritual, some dirt was left over, which we collected into a large paper bag, and then forgot about it … until this week, when I was tasked with making the dirt disappear.

Dirt cannot, should not, go out in the trash. It is heavy and each trash barrel cannot weigh over 50 lbs. So, what to do?

Now, a well deserving street has one of its several potholes almost filled, and while not a professional road repair, it is better than it was.

And that concludes the story about using municiple dirt for the public good.


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