Let The Water [Project] Flow

Our town’s massive water meter replacement project is almost a reality. That might seem like the most boring thing in the world to you, but to me it means work, lots of it, complicated, tearing out my hair-worthy, and quite satisfying.

A massive radio network will take up the data from each meter which will be fitted with a transponder. Then, we will know water flow on a more regular basis, at least once a day. Throw in the green concept of leak detection, and eventually providing home owners with the ability to alert them when a high water flow occurs — a pipe froze; broke; and is filling your basement — and you have a project that is more like a feast.

Integrating this new meter system represents a wide array of interesting work, a chance to use different modalities, like web interfaces, new languages, like Python, and to design software for users that they can actually use.

Of course, there will be difficult times; I will feel like and probably will add to the late Gene Sheppard’s Tapestry of Obscenity hanging in space over our Information Technology headquarters, but those times will be few and temporary.

I’ve been working on a lot of interesting smaller projects up until now, but it finally feels like I’m being called into The Game. And, as Martha Stewart would say “That is a good thing.”


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