Python Book Review: Dive Into Python 3

There are lots of interesting computer programming languages in use today. While I am interested in many of them, there is only so much time to learn a new language. A great motivator to learn a new programming language is being able to integrate its use into my work environment. Python fits this bill quite well, because it can be used across different platforms or for many applications.

Python is not only a language being taught in high school, it has a high profile on Linux, MAC, and Windows platforms; and it is used for system administration and web and application development.

One of the best Python books I’ve come across lately is Mark Pilgrim’s Dive Into Python 3

Although this book is listed by Apress as a beginner’s book, it assumes the reader has a programming background. For programmers who are only well versed in C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, and other procedural languages, there are functional concepts that must be learned in order to write programs that perform well.

The author takes an enjoyable, exploratory approach to Python; the tone is excellent; and the examples can be adapted to real work problems.

Each chapter focuses on one primary topic, but there is overlap between topics, which brings makes use of concepts presented in earlier chapters. The title is quite appropriate, because the examples are not simple training exercises. The reader starts with a large problem and learns its solution with well annotated pieces.

While there are other good books on the market, Dive Into Python 3 is an excellent companion reader that should help procedural programmers integrate more easily into programming well in Python.


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