Post Thanksgiving Thankfulness

I am thankful to have had a week off from work. It was a quiet week, right before huge effort that goes into producing the all-important 3rd quarter real-estate tax bills. So, it was a good week to have taken off.

I worked on more of the Thanksgiving dinner this year, cooking the butternut squash, the second stuffing dish, in addition to preparing and cleaning and cooking the turkey. By the way, the first stuffing dish is croissant stuffing, which contains croissants from Quebrada Baking Company

I got to spend more time with Mrs. Highpants and our birds, work out in the yard — it’s helpful to keep moving to avoid turning into a turnip — and otherwise interlace work with being a relaxed lumpkin.

I am thankful to have a friend who is handy with cutting and measuring. The birds now have a nice linoleum floor that cover most of their room. The linoleum is not dimpled, so it will be easier to keep the floor clean.

There is a lot more than this, but these things immediately came to mind.


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