Blame The People, Not The Dogs

Our town is a much sought after place to live outside Boston, MA. My wife has lived hear almost thirty years, and I am only a couple of years behind that.

Our homes are tightly packed together. So, neighborliness, always a good thing, is even more important in our neighborhoods.

Because our neighborhoods are densely packed and because we do not have much wilderness, we have laws governing dogs. Dogs have to be on leashes, and, like New York City and other urban areas, you have to pick up after your dog poops.

A young lady jogged by today, kept tugging on her dog’s lead while the poor dog was trying to go to the bathroom; and did not pick up after the dog. I am more concerned about her treatment of her dog than picking up the poop.

Have things gotten so hectic, that acquiescing to your dogs needs is a bad thing? And, is picking up your dog’s poop that big a deal?

Enough said.

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