Snow Removal

This post has very little humor in it. I wish it had more. It has to do with the time-honored task of removing snow after a storm. What people don’t seem to understand is there are places you can live where it does not snow. However, if you live where it snows, you need to deal with snow removal. This year has been a little strange, because a place like Texas, where it usually does not snow, had snow this year.

You would think New Englanders would be used to this by now, but our memories seem to be purged every Spring, and we need to relearn when the first major snow storm hits.

We had a snow storm earlier this year in October, but it did not amount to much. Today we had our first major snow storm. So, it is the first time this season we have had to deal with real snow removal, at least in Greater Boston.

Here are some basic rules of snow removal.

1) The street is not a snow wastebasket. You have to put the snow you shovel somewhere on your property.

2) Even though a snow blower or other device may help you, it is not a substitute for a good shovel.

3) Your neighbor’s having a snow blower does not mean you are not responsible for removing your own snow. However, if you are out trying to clear the snow, your neighbor is more likely to help you with his or her snow removal device.

4) Parking on the street during a snow storm prevents the snow plow crews from thoroughly cleaning the street.

5) If you cannot walk around your property without falling down, probably nobody else, like school children, can walk around your property, like in front of your house on the sidewalk, either.

6) Sooner or later, you will have to remove some snow. You cannot wait until Spring. I have tried, and it does not work.

Hopefully, I will think of something funny or more interesting to post. Snow removal is not fun, no matter how you discuss it.


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