How To Add An Electronic Solution Quickly

Can you imagine running a project that spans nearly six square miles, involves the swap-out of equipment at nearly 13,000 water accounts, and possibly the additional swapping out of at least 1/2 that number of meters? In our case, it would involve our water utility’s large AMR project.

Here is some terminology.

Every water meter register must be able to talk to an endpoint.

An endpoint is the radio interface for the meter or meters to the rest of the AMR system.

Each endpoint is uniquely numbered, as is each meter.

The endpoint and meter numbers are bound logically to the water account number.

All this information must be managed. If you think you installed endpoint #101 at 23 Smith Street, it is important it was not endpoint #300, or confusion will ensue.

That is why we need an electronic solution that will house the endpoint and meter information. Water mechanics need a way to know what is being installed or replaced at each address, and the AMR vendor’s and our water billing’s systems need that information regularly, so we know if the installation project is proceeding well.

So, that is our first AMR hurdle. We have to find a product that will allow us to manage a huge task and then serve when normal account maintenance takes over. And, this product’s cost cannot break the bank.

We will see.


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