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Many years ago, when PCs were dinosaurs, there were Apple IIs and then McIntoshes. These were and for all I know still the gold standard testaments to excellent design and ease of use. If you bought a peripheral like a printer or additional disk drive, you just installed it simply without much to-do. Once plugged in, your new peripheral just worked. I have heard those stories for years and from reliable sources, so I believe.

I am primarily a Linux user, and my primary desktop is Ubuntu with one older KDE Ubuntu (Kubuntu), and as good as that distribution is, it cannot compare to at least the stories of Apple computers in terms of ease of use. I think Linux is making progress in ease of use, but they are not quite where Apple is today.

I have begun to see a different side of Apple, however, and it is not like the Apple of old.  I follow a person on twitter, who is an actress, producer, and director. She uses her MAC for everything. While she is not doing the level of work at Industrial Light and Magic, her MAC is her life’s blood.

This summer her MAC disk crashed, and she was apparantly told by the Apple people they could not recover data from her crashed hard drive, because the media had a scratch on it. As far as I know, and I checked many places, the media (platters) in a disk drive have almost to be powered for a data recovery outfit not to be able to save something.  In other words, I think the Apple people she contacted were totally off base. The data should have been recoverable. Their solution was just purchase a backup/recovery solution.

Then, there has been the whole snafu with the iPhone. People have been told not to use their applications. Why? AT&T’s network could not hold up under the demand. And whether you like AT&T or not, really no one cell network could hold up to the demand. Why didn’t Apple open the iPhone to many wireless providers?I believe in that case it is just due to overconfidence and smugness.

Today, however, I see hope. A lot of jokes are being made about the iTablet, and upon inquring, the sum argument was “we are tired of all this i-crap”.

Maybe people are starting to listen to Bart Simpson, who had this wisdom

I still salute Apple for their desktop design. But I wish they would come down to Earth and cut all the aloof smugness.


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