What’s In A Transom

My Transom

I’ve always liked transoms. When I was little, many houses and schools had them. The look of transoms gave you a feel you were a character in a novel.  I have a strange office at work that has a windowless transom, and it is decorated. I believe as long as you are not offending anyone, your office can be decorated to suit your taste and stress level. Now, here is what is in or just under my transom:

No Seals Poster: I was asked not to bark like a seal when we get takeout food.

Viking helmet: reminder of affectionate nickname given to school district, The Vikings

Expect Delays: The sign from a piece of New Yorker art that showed a tunnel with modern cars entering and 1920s era cars leaving.

No Muggles Allowed: A gift and obvious Harry Potter reference.

Steamboy Poster: Representing a wonderful work of animation. I have close ties to Steamboy.

Cutoff from view are Caesar’s words as he crossed the Rubion with his legions, Alea Iacta Est, The die is cast.



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2 responses to “What’s In A Transom

  1. That’s pretty cool for a workplace. Especially the Viking helmet.

    • Octopusgrabbus

      The office was built for my predecessor. Our whole area is very dark and depressing, so it’s helpful to have something decorative.

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