Basic Rx: Replenishing Flora

If you live with humans, you’re going to get smooched or take medicine. It is just part of a bird’s life. In either case, the amount of yeast in your system can and usually will increase. Yeast is not our friend.

Humans have a lot of yeast all over them. So, when they give us a kiss, yeast transfers. If we take medicine, often times, it is in a palatable base. The palatable part comes from a a sweetener. Here is yet another chance for yeast to increase.

Yeast compete with our natural flora. Oh, and by the way, our natural healthful flora is the opposite of humans. Our natural balance is gram positive, with little yeast and a small amount of gram negative. Humans’ systems are based primarily on gram negative, little yeast, and a small amount of gram positive. With birds or humans, too much yeast competes with our natural flora and causes things to get out of whack.

One way to keep things in balance is with natural avian cultures. One such method is Bird Bene-Bac Gel manufactured by PetAg and available at pet stores and on line.

For Lou Lou (Quaker Parakeet) and me, we love our daily dose. And, given we both get daily medicine and smooched up, we need the Bene-Bac. If Lou Lou doesn’t get it, her crop gets filled with yeast within a week, and she loves Bene-Bac more than the dilute citric or acetic acid cures for yeast.

Bene-Bac Time

Lou Lou is crazy about Bene-Bac


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2 responses to “Basic Rx: Replenishing Flora

  1. For yeast prevention and health benefits, I personally offer Apple Cider Vinegar dilute with water as supplement for my parrots. I haven’t tried the Bird Bene Bac Gel before, how’s the pricing like?

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