Inventory Control Training (Part 1)

Next week, we get training on our new application, Wasp Barcode Inventory Control Our automatic meter reading (AMR) project for the water department mandated an application like this, and here is why:

In the old days, if someone installed a meter and endpoint — and did not correctly capture the meter or serial numbers, that would be noticed the next time the meter’s endpoint was read. Usually, these numbers would be corrected with what was read by the equipment.

Now, with radio endpoints, collector points reading the endpoints, and all that going back to a vendor’s meter reading system, knowing the exact serial number of the endpoint is vital. Otherwise, if the endpoint at your house is confused with mine or someone else’s endpoint, someone will get the wrong water bill.

Given the radio endpoints from our vendor are barcoded, and more or less the endpoint serial numbers are in sorted order by serial number, it is important to account for their installation and to associate that with each water account.

Here enters the inventory control system.

When our training commences soon,  I will know more and have a lot more to say. I am looking forward to the training.


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