Inventory Control Training (Part 2)

Our Wasp Barcode Inventory Control training is complete. For a day and a half of training, the price was excellent, and the trainer knew her stuff. Three of us received training. There were two people from the water department, and I participated from IT.

No matter how user-oriented software is, and Wasp Barcode’s products appear to be very flexible, training can bring a different layer of knowledge. We were allowed to bounce ideas around, and have come up with a strategy to track our radio endpoints. Unlike older water meter reading systems that allowed semi-automatic reading through an ARB or touchpad, AMR systems’ endpoints have unique serial numbers, like a NIC (ethernet card) for a computer. The endpoint must be married to the account/customer.

Now, we’ve got to add our inventory, and have that in electronic (Excel) format, and almost everything else is set up.


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