When Old Water Meters Go Bad

Tuesday morning these meters showed up in the water shop. They had been replaced with Elster/Amco compound meters, which are made lighter and have more modern, accurate measuring “innards”. The old Trident meters are clogged with tubercle, which is essentially iron deposit.

Clogged Trident 2″ water meters

2″ Trident Water Meters

I added a second picture to denote how things were once manufactured. These were floor-standing meters, and their shape is quite graceful. They remind me of Faberge eggs.

And to clear things up, no resident in their right mind would want any meter other than a 5/8″ or possibly 1″ meter. If you have 2″ or compound 2″/5/8″ or 3″/1″, then you have to have the high-side service put into your home, as well as the smaller diameter pipe.


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