A Report From The Water Department (5/2010)

View From The Water Department

The month of May 2010 will turn out to be one of the busiest of my life, and May is not over yet. The water department craftsmen are like a juggernaut, and have been installing AMR endpoints at record speed with few installation problems. Nearly 1, 000 endpoints out of approximately 12,500 endpoints have been installed. The May installation goal will be exceeded.

We are making good progress putting our Wasp Barcode Inventory Control system to full use. Next week, we have to cross over the final inventory boundary and remove by scanning each inventory item to each customer. That will allow us to produce a spreadsheet CSV report. While that part is manual, once the spreadsheet is placed in its location, the last piece of automation will be complete, and the configuration information can be sent daily to our vendor.

There have been a few equipment mishaps, but considering how the start of the project could have gone, these mishaps will have been minor in hindsight.

Once the inventory management reports have been automated, my job will then turn more to support and fixing on demand problems that crop up with our old meter reading system.


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