When You Accidentally Start Working For Your Vendor

When you work on a project with multiple departments, agencies, or even one or  more external vendors, a fine line exists between being cooperative — team oriented — and performing someone else’s job. Someone else’s job can take the form of information requests that are not previously planned and whose urgency directs the pace and priorities of your own work.

That has happened to me recently. I have received secondary requests for data reports that are not necessary for our project to reach completion, and while the requests might be ideal to add to our own project in the long run, the immediacy of these requests has been changing my own work schedule. By secondary requests, I refer to additional work to help the vendor with a project transition of their own.

All that is going to change. Basically, we are going to treat these secondary requests as important enough to be listed with the rest of the project items and their milestones.

I should look on all this positively and as gaining yet ever more experience, but dealing with this stuff is draining nonetheless.


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