What’s In A Computer Name

Years ago, computer names were creative. When I first started at Digital Equipment Corporation, there were groups of computers named after Walt Disney characters and clusters with names like wonder. A friend of mine named a group of servers after different species of potatoes. When I started my municipal career, we named systems sonny, josephine, steamboy, h2oworks, and hiawatha.

But then, ordered uniformity set in. Servers in our lab had to have useful and practical names, like tbill, sqlserver as part of the name, and server names that reflect the applications they house.

Today, josephine is still running, though her hardware and Linux OS need upgrading. Josephine serves as the school administrative repository and as a test system, where we prove out new software upgrades and our most critical data transfers.

Personally, I like the creative names. It keeps things from becoming boring.



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2 responses to “What’s In A Computer Name

  1. Octopusgrabbus

    You’ve made my point. Everyone knows Josephine is the test machine. They don’t call it the test machine; those who use it call it Josephine. It’s very personal that way.

    And it would be like Shawn Powers to have Muppets. 🙂

  2. Shawn is partial to Muppets, which works for me.

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