Water AMR Milestone

In May 2010, our AMR project began implementing endpoints. Basically that entailed going around to every water meter in town finding its “read” or connection point, either an ARB (an older technology Neptune plug connector for reading) or a touch pad, and replacing with a new radio endpoint.

It was a race to collect meter readings using the old hand-held system in a particular section of town, and, once the reads were collected, then “hitting the streets” of that section to replace all the ARBs and endpoints with new AMR radio endpoints.

The old system required touching an electronic ‘wand” to connect the ARB or touchpad. The read from the wand transferred by radio to a hand-held holding the account number, owner’s name, street address and so on.

With the new system, each endpoint reports its results every two hours, and over time, as newer meters are installed, the new system can be configured to report leaks.

This past week, we snapped (aka took a snap-shot, collected, gathered) reads for that first section, and we are about to issue our first bills off the new system. It is a satisfying milestone.


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