Uncertainty and The Way Forward

So, far, and we are not far into the new year, things are quiet. Almost every state has budget troubles, and subsequently those troubles work their way down to cities and towns, the municipalities. If you are in the mid or far west, it works out to counties, as I understand it, but a county, town, or city by any other name… So our town is working out who will be cut and from where. It is not productive two dwell on it. All we can do is tackle the work.

There is additional uncertainty for anyone who has worked on projects, whether as an engineer, manager, project leader, or technical writer. As the project winds down and definitely when it ends, a “blue” period is present. Long before the AMR project officially started, I had a rough idea of the deliverables and their implementation. So my goal for 2011 is to find the next project’s needs before it begins, and start from there.

Otherwise, it will be a long year.


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