Configuring Django: Not As Easy As You Think

I have been struggling a while with a Django content loading problem. Given my web site is both in production and under development, I thought it might be a good thing to take my workstation and start the conversion from mod_python to mod_wsgi. It is always a good decision not to make major changes on your production system, but I’m beginning to think it was not a good idea on my workstation, either.

I am running apache on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, and while it’s a desktop configuration, the server configuration was installed, so I could do development work. The whole process, including getting wsgi installed as been, as I’m fond of saying, one long root canal without Novocaine.

I am determined to succeed, because I believe in the basic premise of frame-based web development.

Tonight, I’m going into a Django meetup to hear about installation — a night that’s going to be snowing and cold — only because installation and configuration is the headliner topic. I will have to see what develops.


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  1. Octopusgrabbus

    As a follow up, I have to re-install Django. It’s been — and I know it once was — installed with a different version of Python.

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