A Cupid By Any Other Name

In the Fall of 2000, I completed radio/TV school over many weeks attending classes at night, and after a brief intern stint with WROR’s promotions department and working with the legendary Loren and Wally http://www.wror.com/loren-and-wally/ , I joined WBOQ http://www.northshore1049.com/ as an intern and wound up becoming a sidekick on the Daybreak morning show with Dana Hersey, Kendal Buhl, and JP Lewis.  Daybreak was a morning news, sports, and talks show from 6-9 AM, and they were always looking for interesting things to do.

My wife suggested I dress up as Cupid for Valentine’s Day, and the rest is history. So, on Valentine’s Day 2001, I wound up delivering flowers and candy to five North Shore [of Boston] locations to people whose “valentines” had won a contest.

So, Happy Valentine’s Day, from one of Cupid’s helpers, so to speak.



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3 responses to “A Cupid By Any Other Name

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  2. That’s a great story!

    • Octopusgrabbus

      It’s not only true, but, because of it, my wife got her on air name, Mrs. Highpants. It was 14 degrees February 14, 2001. I had to hit Essex — first stop — just before 6AM. A wife gave her husband flowers and Turtle Alley Chocolates.

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