The Life of A Front Line IT Support Person

My main job is to write computer programs and take care of our town’s database applications and other database-related duties. Almost seven years ago, I dove into that job that had five in-house database applications, one, whose existence was hidden until I had been in  my job nearly one year. In those beginning years, a lot of my time was spent programming. Less time is spent programming these days; and more time is spent performing systems integration tasks. From time to time jobs that require front line IT support involving duties like printer configuration and working with vendors become my assignments.

Support people have to juggle different tasks simultaneously and expectations are that the problem should already be fixed. There isn’t always a lot of cooperation in trying to figure out what caused the problem. I worked with good support people at Digital Equipment Corporation, FTP Software, Inc., Fidelity Investments, and Legato. We have good ones in the town. When my tasks overlap with theirs, it is a good reminder to appreciate them and others I deal with remotely with respect.


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