In The End, It’s All About The Work

There are many aspects to work, but in the past year or so, one facet has shone brighter than the rest. That is the work itself is the most important thing.

It is not important who asked you to do the work, whether the requester or requesters are nice, forthright, or cooperative, or even if you would rather work on something else. In the end it is all about getting the job done, relying on your training and sense of craftsmanship, and making your effort worthwhile.

A case in point is a special report we have been trying to get done for a long time. It provides history and financial information. There was so much finger pointing, handing off of responsibilities, and just down right delays surrounding trying to get the report specified and checked, that completion moved farther and father away.

Recently, we had a long-delayed meeting with the principles involved with specifying and approving the report. During the meeting, the person who is responsible for checking and approving the report’s contents said make the report look like the page when you display information on the computer screen.

What followed was like one of those moments in your favorite movie, when light dawns, and everything turns out with a happy ending, or as close to that as real life can get. I went back to the main part of the report; cleared out a lot of unnecessary program code, reworked the report formatting , and viola, the report was fixed and printing the data it should be printing.

I believe this happened successfully, because the job, the actual work to completing the task, became the most important thing instead of the surrounding events. I’ll have to keep this in mind. It may come in handy again sometime.

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