Eleven years ago, I worked part-time at WBOQ an FM radio station on Boston’s North Shore. Back then its WBACH brand was being phased out as the station migrated from classical to a mix of pops, jazz, and movie music. I wound up there in Fall 2000 as an on-air intern which turned into a part-time job running the radio control board for The Paul Parent Garden Club. During that time, I learned a lot and worked with some great people, so I have a great fondness for that chunk of time.

Most of the people I worked with and learned from moved on to other jobs. Today, I reconnected with two of them. The first was someone I had not spoken to in nearly ten years, and the second was a person whom I had not spoken to in over a year. Both people have gone on to great jobs that really seem to be a good match for them. Like them, I moved on to a job for which I seem to be well suited, at least most days.

While it is usually not helpful to live in the past, sometimes reconnecting to it can energize the journey forward. At least that is what has happened for me.


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