Learning A New Programming Language

The first programming languages I learned were Fortran IV, followed by Cobol. Then followed IBM 370 assembly language, which was learned for academic achievement but, like Pascal, I never used in practice.

Other languages learned included  PL/I, C, Bliss, and C++.  The only way I could learn the languages was to embrace their respective environments and cultures, so, for example, I saw great features in Bliss when others complained about the odious “dot” operator.

Some learning was voluntary or at least learned before the need arose to use the language, like C, C++, and Python. Other languages, like Informix 4GL, PL/I, Bliss, and VAX Macro32 comprised on-demand learning, because a new project required virtually overnight proficiency in that particular language.

Now with my summer filling up chores most programmers avoid, like rebuilding systems, planning major application migrations, and writing loads of documentation, squeezing in a learning exercise is good incentive to perform the yucky work.

My choices are currently narrowed down to two Java Virtual Machine (JVM) languages, Clojure or Scala, implementing more JavaScript and PHP, or investing more time into learning advanced Python concepts.

I’ll get this sorted out and will learn something new.

Edited 06/07/2011

As it turns out, I chose Clojure. http://drknucklehead.wordpress.com/2011/06/07/why-clojure/


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  1. ravish raorane

    Fortran & Cobol are very basic programming language which were developed at very initial stage. Surely they are fundamentals of nowadays sophisticated programming.

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