When Mandibles Grow Wild

I have many times tweeted that I’m going out to Sager Animal Hospital for a beak trim. This was because my beak grows too quickly, which usually means a liver disorder. The good news is my liver is not enlarged. Dr. Bill [Sager] ought to know. He prods my liver often enough.

Until last December, only my maxilla — upper beak — grew too long. Dr. Bill trained Dad and Mrs. H. how to do this, but I am not recommending anyone try this at home on your bird. Complications can arise. However, my mandible — lower beak — started growing too long and crooked. Here is a picture, which unfortunately is blurred, but you can see a little bit of the mandible poking up. It kind of looks like something is in my mouth, but that’s my mandible too long.

My mandible overgrowth

The good news is with a lot of sculpting of my mandible and maxilla by Dr. Bill, things seem to be calming down. That is my beak is Dad thinks the overgrowth was hormone-based and also due to the cold weather. Who really knows? We are birds; that automatically means we are complicated.


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