Additional Investment To Learn Clojure

I have reached a point in learning Clojure, where it is time to leave the command line, because things I want to do required setting up a real project. This also happened when I was learning Python. One thing I am discovering about Clojure right up front is to invest now in a proper build environment and the necessary build tools.  Clojure blogs talk about this part of learning Clojure as a learning curve. Fortunately, the Clojure community is helpful.

I don’t think it matters if using cake or Leiningen But, no matter, the investment is necessary.

I also have started out relying on too much on Ubuntu Linux’s tools to install their version 1.0.0 of Clojure and not enough on fetching source from git or release jar files from Clojure’s site and learning how things work so they make sense.

So, it is onward.


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