To France Via Cleveland

I swear it is not rebelling, but sometimes in order to complete a task, I have to work on another, sometimes a completely unrelated one. I don’t know why; I’ve always been that way.

For example, in order to work on one programming task, sometimes I look at some other piece of software, or write a test in a new language. Whether or not it’s a diversion, it seems to work.

Take today, for example. I’ve been sitting around. Movement is good, because without it I start walking like Walter Brennan. When Mrs. Highpants says any movement is good, and does not mention doing chores, that is incentive enough to move.

So, today, I took my requisite train (subway) rides, ate a nice breakfast at a place overlooking the Green Line in Newton Center, returned home refreshed, and successfully tackled a bunch of chores.

So, as I sometimes say, in order to get to France, you have to go by way of Cleveland.


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