Bicycle Paths as Societal Mirrors?

We have a wonderful bike path in our town. It was the brain child of two former town officials, who bugged the owners of the old Boston and Maine railroad, Gilford Industries, to donate their train track right-of-way to a bicycle path that would pass through our and other neighboring towns. The two officials succeeded after years of effort and started one of the if not the first dedicated bicycle paths in the country.

Whether or not this is a good thing or is not worth mentioning is to be determined, but it seems users of the bike path mirror society in general. We have the fast-moving lean and mean who weave in an out of slow-moving traffic as if it is the Autobahn; there are those who believe they are the only ones on the path and allow their children to step out in front of riders going at a good clip; and we have the utilitarians who use the bike path to get to work and enjoy the cool of the morning and the shade in the heat of the afternoon.

Finally, there are the idiots who come to a bike path stop sign and assume cars will stop for them as the race across, no matter what’s there.

So, there are my thoughts for this morning. I am glad I can still ride my bicycle without keeling over.


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