Strange Informix Error

Fatal error in at line 300 in module “module name here (actual 4gl file name here)” | | -1829: Cannot open file citoxmsg. pam. This is most often caused by incorrect environment settings. Basically, I was running a program in one directory with the directory set for another.

Error -1829 (Cannot open file citoxmsg.pam.) is most often caused by incorrect env. settings. I suggest checking env. variables set for the application., especially INFORMIXDIR, DBLANG and PATH. You can also check the variable INFORMIXDIR in setnet32

As it turns out, I don’t believe this is due to environment. It came about after I replaced inserting into a table by an external program with an in-program solution.


As it turns out, this error occurs because while reading a table with a cursor, the last record is continually re-read without hitting a “notfound” or end of records condition. So, it is still a strange error, but I know what causes it.


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