How I Am Spending My Summer

When I was in school we had a requirement to write an essay about how we spent our Summer vacations. Well, I am not on vacation, but given our offices are in the high school in our town, the eerie quiet makes it seem like Summer vacation.

If you follow @octopusgrabbus or @drknuclehead on twitter, this blog, or, then you have seen a lot of references to Clojure. Well, that is what I am trying to do this Summer — learn the Clojure programming language — and like most things I take on, it is not easy.

Clojure is a dialect of Lisp, a language that was developed at MIT fifty or so years ago. What attracted me to Clojure is that it is one of a new generation of fairly new computer programming languages that compile to Java Virtual Machine (JVM) code. If I never use the language in production work, I will learn something about Functional Programming (FP), a movement which is gaining a lot of steam in the computer industry.

Like all learning cycles, I am at one of those crossroads, where the most learning benefit now would come from taking a small production  program from my job, and port it to Clojure. I am also waiting to take an on-line Clojure course from CodeLesson  but that has yet to be scheduled. Otherwise, I am in idle, getting overwhelmed by the experts’ use of Clojure’s language features. That is why they are experts, right?

Anyway, I will pick the learning back up soon, but all learning is like this. You go through ups and downs trying to master something new.



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2 responses to “How I Am Spending My Summer

  1. Octopusgrabbus

    But, I have to move forward, so I can write more programs for The Water Brain Trust. Besides, everyone does something during their summer “vacation”.

  2. Michaele Enwright

    You are not suppose to be learning on Summer Vacation you are suppose to be having fun goofing off LOL 😉

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