Clojure Into Production

The Clojure program I have been working on for quite some time — along with my other work — is finally [almost] in production. It is already in test, and it will not be long before it is placed into production. I am deeply grateful to the Clojure community for their help .

One of the great aspects to Linux (and Unix) is that you are encouraged to have multiple-piece application design. In this case, the Clojure program is part of a multi-part application. It is part of a bash shell script and an Informix 4GL Rapid Development System (RDS) program. The Clojure program itself is only responsible for reading csv data, getting it verified against an AccuMail (SmartSoftUsa) application running on a Windows server, and then writing out csv data of the passing results.

I wanted the Clojure program to be an interchangeable piece; it is the first Clojure program, and I have to be cautious about how many different implementation languages we use. If need be, the Clojure program could be re-written in another language.

Now, I have to start thinking about small utilities to write.


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  1. stand

    Congrats! Now when are you hiring? 🙂

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