A Portal To The Past: Quick, Duck.

If you want to learn about options, hope and opportunities or the lack of them for some people; if you want to know something of the climate that led to the Women’s and Civil Rights movements; or if you just want a look into the past, I strongly recommend Mad Men http://www.amctv.com/shows/mad-men  I make this recommendation because of the times and characters, although using an advertising agency is brilliant, given 1960s ushered in the golden age of advertising.

In both Don Draper, the lead character of the show, and Roger Sterling, his boss and one of two partners of the fictitious Sterling Cooper advertising agency, I see my father, who was a complicated man I did not get to know well. Also, for me watching Mad Men is a portal back to a time I did not fully understand as a kid. And it took me years to understand as an adult.

If Mad Men were on PBS, someone might say it is a period piece.

It is.

Nothing is as simple as it seems, and Mad Men proves that completely.


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