Other Projects, Other Languages

For me, learning Clojure is not over, not by a long shot. Sometime in early September, Clojure In Action http://www.manning.com/rathore/ will be published. Once it is published my course at CodeLesson.com http://codelesson.com/courses/view/introduction-to-clojure will start, and I am going to my first Clojure meetup this month.

But alas, there are other projects, implemented in different technologies/languages, and they require attention. A dog license program, implemented in Django, needs completion. Recently, we have issued a Request For Information (RFI) to look for a payments processor that can handle our complex needs. That might involve modifying the Perl programs that process and resolve our ACH payments and also to turn on the credit card processing.

Of future Clojure projects, I have thought about something specific for meter reading for utilities — our town has a water utility — or a PDF converter from text to PDF. I need to keep my hand in Clojure, but must also work with everything else. It is always hard to balance learning a new language with other duties.

So, you will see other programming subjects posted here, but Clojure will not have disappeared for me.


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