Downsizing Jumbo Sized Routines

Our state has a funny law which allows municipalities to take unpaid water bills and “lien” them onto the owner’s real-estate bill. Only a handful of communities enact the law; ours is one of those communities.

About six years ago I started re-writing a program in Informix 4GL to perform a series of reporting tasks, including a master report, notices to be mailed out, and eventually “throwing the switch”, in which the program pays each overdue account’s balance by transferring it to the real-estate bill as a betterment, like a new sidewalk. This switch throwing also had to be made reversible.

I know a lot more about water use calculations and billing now than I did then, and, as tends to happen with data driven software, some problems cropped up this week. The selection routine — that routine that corrals the water accounts to be liened – was filled with special cases and too many “flag” variables. I rewrote it, making it considerably smaller and simpler. One of the reasons it shrunk was taking greater advantage of SQL, specifically the sum function.

Long routines (functions) are something I have to watch for, especially in languages like Python, which, at least for me, lends itself to just solving the problem linearly instead of thinking in a modular way.

So, my motto is if the function is big with lots of conditional flags, watch out.


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