Chas Emerick’s Clojure Programming

I had a nice post planned. It was going to be about rolling your own sequence collapse. I got the idea from some very good University of Pennsylvania graduate CIS course examples. Well, a lot of time was spent and part of the hangup was dealing with lisp syntax, trees, the differences between a seq and a sequence and a few other things. In other words, I could not arrive at a good solution, and did not copy from many other examples available out on the Internet. I do not in any way regret struggling with the problem. In fact, I understand more than I did and also understand the need to know a lot more.

That brings me to Chas Emerick’s O’Reilly Clojure Programming book. As of this posting, it is still in O’Reilly’s Rough Cuts mode, and has not yet officially been published. I have only glanced at the book, not having gone through it in detail, but I already know one thing. This book appears more geared towards those of us who never programmed in a Lisp dialect. The other books I have read are good and well written, but they seem to be geared to all of the Clojure language from the Lisp syntax to parallel environments with what it seems are fewer details spent on the Lisp piece.

When I go through the book, I’ll post a review, but from what I’ve seen so far, this is promising.


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