Can Gary Larson’s Art Describe Life?

Prior to programming for a municipality, I worked twenty-three years in the computer industry. Anyone who worked during those years  probably noticed even before the 1990s that things began to get crazy. Our managers started making decisions that made no because the decisions had no relationship to reality, it seemed. They just seemed to be born, much like Venus emerging from the clamshell.

One of the best bosses I ever worked for came up with a theory to describe all this. He felt the Three Stooges could explain just about any bad decision that could be made or any inexplicable behavior. That theory worked and still does for the most part.

As an aside our most used quote is from A Bird In The Head about 5:22 in. After the boys make a mess of a painting and papering job, their employer Mr. Beetle says Oh, No, No, it can’t be.” My boss would say “We told you you wouldn’t recognize the joint.” This humor is how we survived.

But where the Three Stooges could explain crazy behavior, I am finding that Gary Larson’s cartoons can in fact describe things that have happened to you. I recently posted a question in the Google Clojure (programming language) group. I noted that after working some graduate computer science program exercises, my head hurt, but it was a good kind of hurt, which comes from Gary Larson’s cartoon. The cartoon depicts a settler during a wagon train attack. The settler has one or two arrows in his shoulder and his commenting to his  friend, Clem, who is tending to his wounds.

Even if Gary Larson never pens another cartoon, I believe eventually future generations will study them. Gary’s work might even be right up there with Latin. And yes, when I worked those graduate exercises for the Clojure programming language, it was a good kind of hurt.


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  1. wordsfallfrommyeyes

    Wow a real Larson fan. I agree, his cartoons are great. Amazing how your ‘head can hurt’ with some activities!

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