First Clojure App Into Production

I’ve been waiting since July to have my first Clojure application run in our production system. The application is simple. It performs address verification for motor vehicle excise bills. I needed to pull the address verification piece back out (for the second time) from a 4GL application, because an embedded C application (built into 4GL’s customized runner) was probably causing the application to blow its stack. We believe this is true, because strange things started happening like not being able to select all candidates and never reaching end of record condition.

The application reads in a csv file in a known format, creates a map of http form labels with values, calls an HTTP-based address verification application, and, if successful, writes that address and other pertinent information  into an outbound csv file that is loaded into a database table and processed by 4GL code (Informix SE).

It’s a small milestone, but a milestone nonetheless.


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