The Mighty Three, Precincts That Is

There probably are not many people arguing that things in general are in a bad way. Our economy is not doing well; the few jobs being created are not all quality jobs; and there is a general malaise about. No one seems to have any new answers, and there is a lot of finger-pointing. I have no insights or fast answers, save one. Make sure you vote: vote in local, state, and national elections. It does matter.

In our town no selectman has ever won election without carrying three precincts; we have twenty-one precincts. That means no selectman has won who did not also carry those three precincts, no matter how many votes received from the other eighteen precincts. Why?

Well, the folks in those three precincts vote in force. They vote in the 90% range for presidential primaries, usually a low turnout. They vote when it is a special election like for property tax overrides, and they vote in our annual town, state, and federal elections.

If a the rest of town does not like policies that get enacted or who got elected, then it might be because a lot of the rest of town does not turn out to vote in the numbers of The Three Precincts.

The rest of town probably has a good reason. Parents are pushed to the limit these days, and our annual town election is on Saturday; state and national elections are on Tuesdays. But we have no excuses. If we do not like this or that trend, eighteen precincts’ worth of votes outweigh three.


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