What is my “Few-Cha”?

Did either of your parents talk to you about your future? President John F. Kennedy used to mention the future in his speeches. I remember his Boston accent sounding like “Few-Cha”.

Right now, I have some time off. Things are good. Yesterday, I attended a database update. It was well-organized, well presented, and I learned a lot. The database was MongoDB . There were a lot of younger people attending, and that got me to thinking. What is next?

I do not see retirement in any of my futures, immediate, over the next hill, or even in the distant future. The reason for this comes from many sources. My wife (mostly) and I are taking care of my in-laws; like everyone else in the US, our retirement was shot up a few years ago; and I cannot imagine a post retirement job that does not include computers. I would like to work with heavy equipment, am surprisingly good operating machinery, but that does not seem like it would happen.

So, to remain a contender in the computer field, I have been learning a new programming language, Clojure, which is not today essential to my current employment, but might hedge future opportunities. I will probably wind up implementing a solution to a problem in my current job using MongoDB.

So, to boil down what the “what’s next” is about, I want to keep doing stuff and contributing. I want to be viable.

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