The Grain Hawk

A lot of people do not get how birds work. It takes a lot of fuel for us to fly, build nests, and just to exist, especially in colder weather. We have to eat often. We are not like dogs or cats.

Peachy, an emerald-backed peach faced lovebird who preceded me, was such a good flier, that he could fly upstairs following the staircase. That’s flying upwards at a 45 degree angle. Peachy was a fast flier. But after a flight, he would seek out food.

Pookie (the Cockatiel) and I get a varied diet of mash (cooked grains), Avi Cakes and Nutri-berries (from LaFebre). But, I never miss the opportunity to bulk up on grain. My favorite is rice. I do not fly a lot, but it takes a lot of energy to fuss and keep things the way I want them.

Lovebird [Hawk]

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