Uncle Chuck And The Debt Crisis

A friend of mine sent me a humorous, fictitious email this morning titled “Canadians To The Rescue”. The email had to do with the recent rise in the U.S. stock market, and decisions made by world’s central banks to ease the debt crisis in Europe. However, instead of an official quote, the email said “Message from the central banks (including the Canadian Central Bank)” followed by this quote from Uncle Chuck, which goes like this:

Relax; take it easy; have a cup of coffee; everything’s going to be all right.

Uncle Chuck is a figure cloaked in mystery, who I am told lives in Wisconsin. To imagine his speaking this quote, you would have to imagine this being spoken by a very relaxed guru, in which the speaker’s voice alone would relax anyone listening.

I have never met Uncle Chuck, but would like to, if for no other reason than his quote, which we use a lot around the municipality where I am employed. I would even pay good money to get Uncle Chuck’s voice on an MP3 for stressful times, like the one we are entering.

That is because we are entering, along with the Christian season of Advent, another season, called recapitulation or recap for short. It has to do with Massachusetts cities and towns setting their property tax rate. Things get very tense around here, until recap is completed.

So, Uncle Chuck, wherever you are, I salute you.


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