From The Clojure Training Front: Week 1

This week my online course started — CodeLesson’s Intro To Clojure — and never having learned online before, I did not know completely what to expect. Overall, I am happy with the course so far. Online learning seems to focus more on your learning, really learning, rather than regurgitating facts. Additionally, the quizzes seem well-balanced, with some esoteric questions, along with the you-had-better-know-this-if-you-are-ever-going-to-be-successful information.

The book used for the course Clojure In Action is written by Amit Rathore, and Amit is the instructor of the course. Although there are no formal lectures via video, the environment is very much like a forum, where you are not castigated for asking lame questions, and I have had a couple, and there is support and pretty fast feedback.

Well, I am looking forward to more, so that is it for now.



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5 responses to “From The Clojure Training Front: Week 1

  1. @Zuz: for that much money, the book should be included 😀

    @Octopusgrabbus: you kind of have to be patient with Clojure, and persistent, because it’s a total shift in programming thinking. just think of it as a big think made of simple concepts and learn concept each at a time

    PS: good luck and gratz for the initiative of taking the course (i only have have book :P)

  2. I thought there would be video as well. For now, the quizzes are getting me to travel to parts of Clojure itself that I would have overlooked. Finally, this morning we have a coding exercise. That’s good.

  3. Zuz

    I enrolled myself and I’m actually quite disappointed. For an “instructor-led” course I wasn’t expecting to be told to buy a book, read chapter 1, 2 and 3, ask questions using the forum and solve a couple of quizzes…

    Nothing to do with the value of the book and the instructor, all to do with the way it’s marketed. “Instructor-led” creates the expectation of interaction with the instructor live, as you say: video, audio, chats

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