A Holiday Tradition: Printing The Property Tax Bills

I get all sentimental at this time of year. We can enjoy the holidays once recap is completed. recap is the proposing of the new property tax rate through excruciating digestion and overall combing over of the town’s finances, which are then submitted to the state and the rate approved by our Board of Selectman all for DOR’s approval. Then finally the real-estate tax rate can be set.

What follows bears a striking resemblance to Festivus especially the airing of grievances and feats of strength. What actually happens is as follows:

We get the new tax data.

Then we check the data first to see if it looks good.

Once all that is done, my colleague in the Treasurer/Collector’s department and I run a test billing run to make sure everything works; you know, kind of like a dress rehearsal.

Finally, we transfer everything to the live production system; run the bills; and our department (IT) prints the bills on a thirty-five copy per minute duplex printer.

You would think the whole thing would be go off without a hitch, well, it’s Smooth as Silk (at 2:20 ). There is always some minor problem that needs fixing, and then it’s over and at 9:15 in the morning it’s not Miller but breakfast time.

Finally, we are done.


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