Holidays And Education

Years ago, my employers paid for my courses. When I finally became a software engineerĀ  at Digital Equipment Corp — June 1985 — DEC picked up more of my education costs, because my courses were directly related to my job, programming.

I do not like wasting my time, so I learned everything I could, and did the best job I could on the mostly programming homework. Also, failed courses were not reimbursed.

When I took my last course required for graduation from Harvard University Extension School — Anatomy and Physiology of a Computer — Mrs. Highpants took my rough circuit diagram drawings and drafted them, so all the wires went were they should (that kind of help was allowed in the course). However, Mrs. H. was very glad when four years of coursework was over.

Last Summer, I signed up to take an on-line course on a 5 year Lisp dialect, called Clojure. The course was supposed to start in September, but depended on a book that was not released until November. So, the course started on December 5th.

If you want to ruin your holidays, go ahead and do something like this. I was naive, and did not reschedule. All in all, I’m glad I’m taking the course; we are now about to start week 5 of 6.

However, I get nervous when my beloved spousal unit Mrs. Highpants cuts me slack on household chores and responsibilities, even though she is both impressed and shocked about the amount of work this course is taking.

When I’m freed up from my duties, there is always the worry that yet undiscovered chemical Slugazine might be released into my system. Even though I was born in the 20th century, it might as well have been in the 19th as far as who does what and when. Let us just say I had to undergo civilizing and I am glad for it.

So, to those of you who want to self improve, please try to avoid taking courses that span December or other times of the year when major holidays occur. You might be happier.


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